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Smart Home Systems

Enhance your home, automate everything!

Home Automation Experts

Do you want to get lost in a private world of your own? We create moods and experiences controlled by the touch of a button. Advanced Home Theater can create a smart home to match your needs. We have superior experience installing in Dallas, Southlake, Plano, Allen and McKinney. We also represent a range of audio and video equipment brands unmatched by the average installation group.

Advanced Home Theater Systems is now celebrating over 20 years of business in North Texas.
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Back to Back Awards

In 2007 we were recognized my Electronic House magazine with an award for 'Home of the Year'. Again we are excited to announce another award for 2008. View a gallery of these homes by clicking on the links below.
2007 Gallery | See Award 2008 Gallery | See Award
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Product Lines we carry

“We Make the Complex Simple”

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the big screen and surround sound of a movie theater without ever leaving your home? At Advanced Home Theater, we believe in bringing the theater home to you. We provide personalized design elements to suit your viewing and listening experience, letting you get what YOU want from your custom home theater. Of course, the experience doesn’t stop there. We can also retrofit your entire home for complete automation from anywhere inside or outside. You’ll be able to control all the systems in the home from your favorite mobile device. We also provide project management for folks looking to build their dream smart house by integrating custom systems from day one of planning. This can range from home security systems (including alarm and surveillance systems) to automated lighting and temperature control.



Custom Home Theater Design

Want to become totally immersed in your movies? We can install top of the line surround sound systems so you feel like you are in the middle of the action. We can also add the hottest new 4k Ultra HD resolution big screen to you home theater so you don’t miss a detail. The images are so vivid, you will swear the characters are in the room with you! How about hosting a party for the big game? Our team can provide custom design for smart home technology for every taste and crowd capacity. Do you want to show off your custom home theater equipment or keep it hidden? We can accommodate your vision of how you want your viewing area to look so you can feel comfortable during your home theater experiences.



Home Automation

While optimizing your custom home theater with the latest smart home technology, we can do the same with your entire home through our home automation system services. If you are tired of confusing all those switches on the wall and fumbling with multiple controllers, we offer a complete consolidation of all smart home systems to a single control network that can be accessed from anywhere in your home. Want to lock your doors while leaving in a hurry? It can be done at the touch of a button from your car! How about programming music to play when you open your front door? Not a problem with our intelligent home automation system. Using the latest app technology from Crestron and Apple Airplay, you can access everything from home security systems to lighting control from your smartphone or tablet, bringing you the smart house of tomorrow, today!



Project Management

Building your dream smart home from scratch or through complete renovation? We excel at making your regular home one into a true smart house by carefully planning the placement and design of all our custom home theater and automation system services to give you optimal performance from the moment you walk in the door for the first time. Do you control your home or does your home control you? Make the former true with our certified project management service to create the ultimate smart house!